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The year was 1939, and a young man named Bill Monroe had joined the Grand Ole Opry, his style of music was new and refreshing to the Opry audiences. They received it vibrently.  In 1945 he had Lester Flatt working as lead singer for his group, and a young21 year old  man named Earl Scruggs came into town in 1946, Lester heard him and told Bill, "You better hire him" which he did. With this bluegrass was born at the Ryman Auditorium,  with Earl's 3 finger style it set the bluegrass music apart from all others, "Bluegrass music was born" they played for Bill and in 1948 they left Bill and formed their band, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys.
They were years ahead of their time and were the premier bluegrass band of the days.
(Bluegrass is the only genre of music originating in the United States.
It was born in only ONE town, only ONE state and only ONE country.)

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